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Peter Kostoulakos

Fine Art ~ Consulting

Professional Profile

19th & 20th century fine art paintings consultant for private and public collections from 1976 to present. Clients include small museums, historical societies, art societies, galleries, private collectors, and corporations.

Authored articles published in Northlight Magazine, Palette Talk, Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies 2011, and The Antique Market. Appeared in Yankee Magazine, BVAU News and the Lowell Sun.

Formal Education

  • Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont (1977-1978)
    Degree: Master of Arts — Fine Art.
  • Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts (1973-1977)
    Degree: Bachelor of Science — Fine Art / Art History.
  • The Art Institute of Boston, Boston, Massachusetts (1967-1970)
    Diploma: Advertising Design.

    Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts — Honorary 1994

  • Lesley University, Cambridge, MA 
    Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts - Awarded 2014 for work completed in 1970

Appraisal Education

  • International Society of Appraisers, Distance Education Core Courses

Professional Listings

  • United States Department of the Interior National Park Services, Contract Conservation Computer List
  • Institute of Museum & Library Services Conservation Project Support, Field Reviewer File Currier's Price Guide, Currier Publications
  • Kovels' Guide to Selling, Buying, and Fixing Your Antiques and Collectibles, Crown Publishers
  • Malony's Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory, Collectors Information Clearinghouse
  • Malony's Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory, Collectors Information Clearinghouse
  • Sloan's Green Guide, The Antique Press


  • Artists U.S.A.
  • Who's Who In The East
  • Dean's List — Northeastern University
  • Sigma Epsilon Rho Honor Society — Northeastern University
  • Fine Arts Honors Program Award — Northeastern University


  • American Alliance of Museums
  • New England Museum Association
  • New England Conservation Association
  • New England Appraisers Association (Certified)
  • Whistler House Museum of Art

Partial list of artists' work receiving conservation treatment:

William P. Phelps, Samuel L. Gerry, Guy C. Wiggins, Benjamin Champney, Frank H. Shapleigh, Wesley Webber, Cecilia Beaux, Thomas B. Lawson, Louis Kronberg, James G. Tyler, John A. Codman, Raymond Woog, Antonio Jacobsen, Edmund Darch Lewis, Marian P. Sloane, William Bradford, William Hart, John Joseph Enneking, Frank Weston Benson, Alvan Fisher, Horace Bundy, Aldro T. Hibbard, Emile Albert Gruppe, C. E. L. Green, Marie Danforth Page, Louis Charles Moeller, Thomas Moran, Abbott H. Thayer, W. Lester Stevens, Charles H. Hayden, Elizabeth Morse Walsh