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Peter Kostoulakos

Fine Art ~ Consulting

Things to consider before buying or selling a work of art:


  • Where will the art be displayed — home or office?
  • Will the art be mainly for enjoyment or investment?
  • Will size, color harmony, and proportion be appropriate to venue?
  • Is the work framed properly — for aesthetics and preservation?
  • Where do you buy or sell art?
  • Will you get retail or wholesale value?
  • Should you buy a painting that has been restored?
  • How should conservation be prioritized?


In order to expedite your upcoming appraisal, please consider the following time and money saving suggestions:


  • List the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all representatives.
  • Determine physical location for on-site inspection.
  • Definitely decide on which paintings you want to have appraised.
  • Ensure that art is out and open for view.
  • Paintings and frames should be viewed together when possible.
  • There should be adequate light and temperature.
  • Gather together as many receipts, sales slips and earlier appraisals as possible.
  • Provide photographs of art (paintings & frames) or interior with art in place if available.
  • Gather available historical information, family history, artist biography, sitter(s) biography, landscape location, articles pertaining to art or artist, catalog listings, etc.
  • Provide date of death for estate appraisals.
  • Give thought to the intended use of the appraisal: obtaining insurance coverage, claim, resale, estate, conservation, etc.
  • Does your property insurance policy include an agreed value clause that would allow for a loss to be adjusted on the basis of market value?
  • All significant information relating to the art should be recorded in writing.