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Basic Care of Paintings

  • Look for structural changes: cracking, flaking, lifting etc.
  • Dust weekly with soft badger or sable brush.
  • Never dust a painting that is not structurally sound.
  • Keep temperature & humidity constant: 65 - 70 degrees F and 45% - 55% relative humidity.
  • Keep paintings away from radiators, heaters, humidifiers, direct light, fireplace, air conditioners, etc.
  • Do not store art in a cellar or attic unless climate controlled.
  • Do not store near furnace, boiler, hot water tank, etc.
  • Use two hands when carrying a small painting - one hand gripping the side of the frame and the other gripping the bottom of the frame.
  • Large paintings should never be handled alone - two or more people are required.
  • Bare hands and fingers should not come in contact with the surface of a painting - pressure and body oils will do damage.
  • Inspect frame and wall hardware at least once a year.
  • Remove dust from back of frame and painting annually.
  • Never transport in extreme hot or cold conditions.